Company Overview

Blackwell Consulting Allianz is a business and advisory services company with a focus on world-class business solutions for Africa. We think “glocal” and take an open-minded approach to business solutions while also respecting the local business environment to find a best-fit solution to challenges and goals. This results in well thought-out strategies and solutions with insights from a global perspective adapted to local relevance.

Our zest, shared experiences and strong local insight coupled with our global outlook on business makes us your go-to local business and advisory services company in Zambia and the sub-Saharan region. By combining our flexible team’s expertise and capabilities from a wide number of disciplines and across various countries, we are able to provide scalable and cost-effective solutions for your business.

Our Ethos is simple, “innovation adapted to our local business environment!”

Our mission

Our mission is to assist businesses and individuals;

  • explore opportunities,
  • launch new ventures,
  • and grow existing businesses or ideas…

…through a collaborative, well thought-out process.

Why work with BCA?

Coupled with the right acumen and drive to apply innovative solutions specially developed to achieve set objectives at any level, our savvy ability to integrate seamlessly with our clients and partners ensures success. Further, our flexible and well qualified talent pool boosts of readily available expertise from a wide range of disciplines enabling us to deliver service on a fairly broad spectrum.

Why Zambia and Southern Africa?

Zambia is a relatively stable country in Southern Africa that remains vastly unexplored but open for business. Despite various challenges usually common with developing countries, Zambia remains a savvy investor’s smart-choice for raw and greenfield investment options with potentially high returns. Key priority areas highlighted by the Zambia Development Agency (ZDA) include; Agriculture, Infrastructure, Energy, Tourism and Manufacturing.

The extended regional markets include the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) and Southern African Development Community (SADC). COMESA covers approximately 450 million people with a real GDP of around US$ 561 billion and SADC covers approximately 342 million people with a real GDP or about US$ 689.3 billion. With advanced talks in regional integration including free-trade agreements, the opportunity is NOW for any forward-thinking investor.