Agricultural Services

Agriculture is an integral part of economies in the developing world and forms the backbone for many potential industrial developments. A key focus for our agricultural services is value addition through innovate solutions that help reduce agricultural waste, maximize profits and improve production. Our key focus is to be your valuable expertise guiding innovation and growth in your agro-enterprise in Zambia and the region.

From smallholder farm planning to commercial scale farm enterprise budgets, we are competent and able to assist you at any level in your agro-enterprise. We also provide agricultural production manuals and training tailor-made to meet client needs – be it rural or urban farmers looking for valuable hands-on training.

“Investments in agriculture are the best weapons against hunger and poverty, and they have made life better for billions of people”

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Quick Stats: Zambia Agriculture

Much of the country’s agricultural land still remains uncultivated and open for investment.

Agriculture in Zambia

Zambia covers a total land mass of 752,618 km² (over 75 million hectares) with approximately 58% (44 million hectares) of this classified as having medium to high potential for agricultural activity. Other key agricultural stats include;

  • 3 agro-ecological zones with distinct rainfall patterns
  • Average rainfalls of between 0 and 200mm per month
  • Average temperatures ranging between 17 C° and 25 C°
  • Land-linked to 8 countries
  • 40% of Southern & Central Africa’s water resources are concentrated in Zambia
  • Signatory to both the COMESA and SADC regional bodies for trade and economic integration

Our Service Offers

We offer training and eBooks in a host of agricultural topics for organisations looking to enrich members with expert knowledge and the latest  agricultural trends. We have served several local organisations and continue to do so both in-person and virtual trainings where possible.

Establishing an agro-project? Regardless of size – smallholding, mid-sized commercial enterprise or mega-projects. We are keen and happy to partner with you in offering our expertise in enterprise development within this and many related sectors. Let us have a chat and see how we can help?

Looking for grants or financing to expand your agricultural enterprise? Or are you an investor looking for growing agri-businesses seeking investment? Get in touch to learn how we can help.

Entering an African market can be challenging sometimes given the limited access to vital information online. We help you make informed decision with expert guidance on market intel in the agricultural space. Get in touch for inquiries.